Re: Adobe RGB

"Kayaker" <llutton@xxxxxxx> skrev i meddelandet
>I set my D70 to shoot JPEG images in Adobe RGB but when I download my
> images, the color space has been changed to S-RGB. I may be wrong, but
> I believe if I change the color space to Adobe RGB when I open the
> file, the extra color gamut or information is lost because the file was
> already changed to S-RGB when I downloaded the picture. I think the
> culprit is Windows. I use Windows XP and a card reader to download the
> pictures by dragging them from the card reader drive into a folder
> under My Pictures. In other words, I use the Windows software rather
> than some bought software.
> Would anyone recommend a freeware, shareware, or relatively cheap
> program that I could use to download these images that would keep the
> images in Adobe RGB? I am hoping to keep the cost low($50 or less)but
> if I have to, I will spend more.
> I know I could shoot RAW and the files can be opened in Adobe RGB and I
> do that sometimes, but I shoot most of my images as JPEG's.
> Thanks,
> Lynn


I have a simailar problem. Camera set to Adobe RGB but some images are saved
as S-RGB. I found that the images saved as S-RGB are the ones I have taken
with the D70 set to "Auto". Could this be the issue here?! If so, is there a
workaround for getting the images taken in Auto mode to be saved to Adobe