2009 cleanup

well this is kinda of interesting and first i have seen of a mess left at gathering, makes me want to visit that area when i vist the states. i surely would like to know that workers name to see if he got any pictures too. this could be a reminder that maybe cleanup should go around and take a few pictures to back themselves up.

i am a forest service worker in northern n.m. i run a tree planting crew of mainly youth workers . on a recent outing by the 2009 rainbow site,we too were appalled by the absolute mess left by the rainbows.garbage that had been buried has been eroded and exposed. Coffee cans, beer cans,large amounts of cigarette butts,string , plastic bottles,crap paper. very sad... We hauled 2 full truckloads of trash out of the area. there were sites where the land was still scorched.I know this was not left by hunters . Regardless of what the rainbows say,there is no way that anything good came from trashing of the land they so fervently say they repect. As far as disrespecting native cultures here in New Mexico,thats just not good. some of my crew are Natives and just shuddered at the consequences for the rainbows diregard of their sacred culture.