Re: the central texas woodie woodstock fan club

On Jan 8, 7:31 am, spiritrising <miketwofeath...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

birds of a feather fly together, must have been wearing a wig to get
around the bald spots right?

Not sure... I have not seen him since that time that he came to San
Antonio in 2005.

he has Alopecia Areata....

OH, so he has a medical condition that prevents him from growing any
hair ?? OR, does he have a medical condition that causes bald spots ??
many people grow their hair to cover up such things... look at Trump.

BUT, you called him a "skinhead" indicating that he is someone that
philosophically hates Jews... nothing you said indicated that he has a
medical condition.

not to mention his missing teeth from drug use,

Your boyfriend Stubby knows all about that...

hell i had to pull one myself for him,

So, now you are a dentist ??

they were so tell us where this hair was? damn i like having
fun with liars!  lol

You are only formulating lies in your own head.