Re: What was your most joyous moment at this year’s gathering?

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Nothing as fine as holding a new life in your hands.

The ride to Rippee Access was excellent. Cool evening wind @ 60 mph
and the sound of a Harley opened up was nice. When I got to the
gathering I recieve a very loud "Welcome Home" from a large group of
folks, was surprised when a very young girl offered me something to
drink and asked if I was hungry. Saturday morning I went swimming in
the Rippee for about an hour, nothing like being in the woods and no
sirens. Mostly was all the hugs and such, I love my family! A
wonderful gathering even if it was hot and there was rain.


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Mine was the honor and privilege to sit by Kid Village’s kitchen fire
one evening cradling a three day old Center of the Universe in my arms
for about fifteen minutes.  Yeah, that was just FINE!  :^)

Is there a Boulder Eugene or Taos in the Ozarks? Whats the most
Rainbow friendly town in the Ozarks? I've been in Peru for 7 years now
and it is starting  to feel like it is time to go back to the USA. The
Ozarks are the only mountains in the USA I have never lived in.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

"Rainbow friendly"?  For many years now I have asked what it means to
be a rainbow person, and I have yet to get anything close to a
definition out of anyone...  In my experience, when I'm friendly and
show respect to others they are generally the same towards me
regardless of where I am.

PS: Springfield MO is one of the cheapest places in the US to live,
and one of the hardest to find a job in...


Ok how about a town you know it is not going to be hard to find a
ride or riders to the gathering from because a lot of people from the
area will be going. Does Springfield field fit that description?

91.69% White would be an interesting contrast to Peru.

Towns you can't find a job in tend to have high crime rates. Does

I won't need a job since I have an income somewhat higher the the
median income of Springfield. $400 a month for a one bedroom apartment
with free cable and high speed internet sounds good to me.

Do all those big lakes north of town have good bass fishing?

Is Springfield where you live?

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