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What the hell is wrong with you?

well Connie, if you were in the hospital room in a coma, I wouldn't be
making political hay outta you.

Nothing you did would surprise me, but it seemed this crap would be
beneath even you.  Guess not.  You're a true sicko.

I'M a "sicko? Jesus Christ did you watch the memorial? It sounded more
like a football pep rally in a gym with squealing girls and rah rah
slogans than a solemn memorial honoring the dead. Everyone walked away
from this memorial service with a free t-shirt to commemorate the
event - like stock car racing.!! Draped on every chair was a purple t-
shirt with the slogan "Together We Thrive" Boy, how humiliating !!! I
sure glad I wasn't honored in death at this public spectacle where
everyone gets a free t-shirt and a slap on the back from Obummer.
But just when things couldn't get worse (or more tacky) Obummer
announced that "Gabby" opened her eyes while he was visiting her in
the hospital and the whole gym erupted in little girls squealing and
waving their purple t-shirts in the air like it was a football pep
rally and Obummer up there on stage soaking it all in.
Truly disgusting. I thought I had seen the lowest depths a groveling
politician would stoop back during Wellstone's memorial but Obummer
really jumped the shark last night.


Yes, a real sicko for trying to parlay this into an anti-government
rant.  The hurting people of Tucson came together and were happy and
inspired by his visit.  The clapping, etc. that jerks like you focused
on were the result of this being the first week back to school, the
venue filling up quickly with students, and the event being held where
it was.   Gabby (what's with the quote marks; that's her name fool)
did indeed open her eyes for the first time, shortly after the
president and first lady left her room.  He DID NOT claim she opened
them while he was there, liar.  He announced it because he knew we all
would be very happy to hear it.  I don't agree with much of Gabby's
view, since she's a Blue Dog conservative and I'm not, but this
transcends those things for real people.  You obviously don't fall
into that category.  Bottom line, the community of Tucson came
together, as it always does, and there was much love and beauty
abounding.  The president's visit only helped things here, and people
of all political stripes were gratified by it.  Please don't ever come
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i saw a video of fbi agents hanging chimes in a tree where the
shooting took place, that was interesting since it is still a secure
crime scene. shows they really cared.

"Ben's Bells" have been distributed to honor kind folks in the
community since 2002.

"A printed card attached to each bell reminds the finder to "remember
to spread kindness", and quotes Henry James, "Three things in human
life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind.
And the third is to be kind." The card on the bells distributed
Thursday added, "We hang this bell in memory of those who died, in
honor of those who were injured, and for all of us who live in and
love this community."