Re: Blackbird 'aflockalypse' wasn't unusual, experts say

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There is no question that vaccines have saved the lives of tens of
thousands of children and adults.

Then you can have the ones that I and my children did not and will not

Thanks for your contribution towards the thinning of the herd.

i would love to introduce his unvacinated children to some smallpox
and whooping cough, imagine that.

Dipwad, my children were exposed to whooping cough while visiting in
Wisconsin. Scum like you wish harm to children. What a dirty scummy
piece of shit you are.- Hide quoted text -

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hey your the one putting your kids in danger, not me, i will just find
it funny they get sick because of your actions, when it could have
been avoided by a simple shot. that makes you the scum bag parent, how
did it feel watching your kids cough all day and night? you do know
they could have died right? 5,000 to 10,000 kids used to die from
whooping cough each year before the vaccine, now its down to 350 which
is the kids who didn't get their shots, so your the scum bag that put
them in danger of dieing with your fear mongering.

Dumbass, I did not say the contracted it, I said they were exposed to
it. They visited a family that had it. Too bad you cannot read.

just curious; what will you do when it's time for those kids to start
school? you can't home-school them all the way through high school so
eventually they'll need vaccinations. and if they were exposed as
young babies they were most likely still covered from their mother but
it doesn't last. i think you're playing around with others' lives...
I think you know very little about vaccines or medicine in general. I think allowing you children to be experimented on is abuse. Since none so far here have shown that they have any real , hands on knowledge about vaccines, they should at least get educated before opening their mouth.