Re: Monsanto Now "Owns" Blackwater (Xe)?

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Well Mike if you can successfully debunk the article I posted then
that would actually be a good thing. Monsanto in control of XE is not
a good thing.

well if you could proove it that might be interesting. but all you
have is one guys word, and only his, everyone else just parroted him,
that debunks it right there. did ya know jesus was gay? and was a
chinaman to boot?

First of all the subject line of the article ends with a question mark
so I take it to mean it’s only possible not a done deal.  He (Jeremy
Scahill) has been reporting on Xe (formally Blackwater) for some time
now and most of what he reports comes up accurate or otherwise not
proved to be in error.  I remembered his reporting once before about
the company being up for sale (in the Nation,0
[last paragraph on pg 2]) so I’m not a bit surprised to hear news they
found a buyer.


PS I heard he was a gluttonous man and a winebibber, a friend of
publicans and sinners.
Matt 11:19

proove its acurate, the only proof so far is his words, no actual
facts by other independant enities