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I only see one post from yesterday... hmmm

I posted several on Wednesday that never came through, not even half
of today.  They just appeared a few minutes ago, however.

I guess it takes big brother a while to read them all

Servers need maintenance, to make hardware changes, software changes,
upgrades, or simply to clear the buffers and reset the operating
system. On a simpler level, like people who keep their home computer
on constantly often restart occasionally to reset windows-xp. All
companies or web sites take their sites down occasionally to do that
maintenance. World of Warcraft, an on line game, takes all its servers
down for several hours every tuesday. Its an on line game, nothing
political about it. Depending on the amount of traffic on a server and
the amount of revenue lost while the server is down different sites go
down for maintenance in different ways. If there are multiple servers
and the revenue loss is high a company might stagger downtime over
several servers.

Google groups makes probably zero cash for google. So when they need
to do maintenance on those servers they just take them off line for
how ever long it takes. Its really just that simple.