Re: Is it just me? Or were there no posts yesterday...

On Oct 8, 1:32 pm, Jennifer Gilley <scarumtrad...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Oct 8, 2:27 pm, Connie <tucson.con...@xxxxxxx> wrote:

On Oct 8, 6:03 am, RiverMan <scarumcr...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I only see one post from yesterday... hmmm

I posted several on Wednesday that never came through, not even half
of today.  They just appeared a few minutes ago, however.

I guess it takes big brother a while to read them all

Gosh, I would hate to be responsible for that job task!
Boooooorrriiinnng ...
(Oops; darn! I accidentally let slip a hint to mdd about which agency
I work for. LOL)

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