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but it is however the way it is right now.  And if, you see a better
way, the path to get there begins right here.

 Put em in wheeled lazyboy recliners that follow a laid down magnetic
cable. Give each kitchen a remote control.
When people have had enough, a push of the button and wheeeeeee! send
em off to the next spot.
The cables are reusable of course. roll em up on a spool. use em again
next time.

with a chair cup  AND a woman half his Age

I was wondering how many buds it would take to get some dirty kids or
Montana Mudders to carry me and my spouse into Gathering on our
California King bed; like a Chinese Sedan Chair [img]http://
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a pound was the going rate at one time

Awe come on, a couple buds in AR got lots of shit carried in - but
maybe the MM guys were just being kind.