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i understand that ... and I know  that no one would believe such a
load if crap.... but its the matter honesty ...and a matter of
teaching him not to lie...tho I doubt a dog as old as he  can ever
change ... but a slanderer he is  a slanderer he should be known as
and he  should be held accountable for his irresponsible  actions

i would just ignore stuff that is not true. Think of it in a different
way, Reality television. There is at least 2 good reality television
shows going here everyday. Those shows will generate enuff bucks to
get a teepee and a mile of water line fer every kitchen in rainbow
land. One man's bullshit is another kitchen's new waterfilter.

"one the next installment of "A.G.R.T." (a.g.r. troll), the
disconneccted yet unified pack of not so anonymous t.r.o.l.l.s (troll
rainbows of living light) will get another mysterious memo from the
big cheese troll, and so will all start to sing along to the same tune
here on a.g.r.,.. perhaps something about TGC, whining about the bank,
or location, or some other inflated issue, or simply going off on a
made-up story, or maybe hijacking someone elses business as their own
arguement,..... anything but answer the issue of their clear

i have a list of their names!


shit, i'm on it,..

fuck,..  so are you,... all,....

all part of the a.g.r.t.

(running back off into the cyber woods,.. ack! choppers here too,...

AGR is not all trolling. At our best we can be the conscience of
rainbow. We can affect change for the better by holding people
accountable and by putting pressure on them to do right by the force
of our moral arguments.

HEY! Stop laughing. I'm serious.

Buried beneath the piles and piles of bullshit here there have been
times when we played that role. As embarrassed as I often am to be a
part of the crap that happens here I'm also proud of some of the
things we've accomplished and that we have done some good.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

burried beneath all those pile of bullshit we find sanshitty clods
sitting on bullshit bill face while kissing snakeoil steves
ass .....they all the same and cut from ....lying deceitefull rainbow
haters who only post here to spread lies and rumours.....