Re: 2 pa. gatherings b4, far away are they?

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peace kind,
makes me wonder, questions. why have a gathering so soon in same
place. out west they banned areas where people gathered cause of
ecology damage of repeated use. i learned, but at 1st didn't

isn't that fatal impact on the area animal, plant & soil, water
etc...? why the same place in about 14 years?

it`s been 24 years since it`s been at what I feel was among the best
sites ever picked
that`s not long enough ?

peace kind,
glad it was among the best for you, though i wasn't there, i did live
not to far away from the area as a child, but being a city folk i was
seriously ignorant of the rules of the forest. out west i'd go back to
areas i thought was the best gathering i been to, till finally people
professionally trained began to explain to me why they can't allow
anymore camping in such a beloved site area, over 20 years later,
which many years later after that, i have begun to comprehend by
studying ecology.

i'm not saying the area can't handle it, i just don't know. & i
haven't read any reports, just that forest service people were going
to show spring council people sites.

what i did learn from studying in the ecosystem of the tallest trees
on earth of the effects of old growth logging, with botonists,
hydrologists, biologist, geologist, etc... explained facts to me.

after a redwood (sequoia sepervirens- tallest trees on earth, over 350
feet high) old growth area has been logged of these ancient trees & a
risidual old growth forests left, meaning they left the youngest old
growth & plan on coming back in 50, 80, 100, or so years to logg those
trees, i was shown 80 years later the beggings of the old growth
ecosystem began to come back, such as plants found only in old growth
redwoods, amphibians found only in old growth redwoods a salamander, &
other species that weren't around since the logging 80 years earliar
that removed most old growth, & logging companies wanted to come in to
cut those residual oldgrowth trees, but weren't allowed because the
old growth species just began to start to revive. & the ecosystem is
imperiled is taught. 98% of all old growth has been cut in last 120
years, these trees live to 1,500 plus years. so haven't revived, takes
about 100 years to become an old growth redwood tree.

so impact is greater then i imagined asto professional trained people
showing the facts. asto effects of humans excrement i wonder?

i'd just like some more facts concerning the area, & what to expect.

i know no heavy machinery is expected, but thousands of people
trampling through is much.

like my injured lower back from wear & tear from working, thought it
would heal in a few years, 24 years later its not healed any, i just
learned how to live with it better, but activity of before would put
me in a wheel chair, so i have to not be active in lifting weight or
running, or jumping or more discs will rupture, more bones will grind
each other from lack of cartilage. i could of prevented that for
another 20 years with proper education followed, such as adequet diet
for hard labor involving lifting heavy weights while working for
decades at a time daily. but i didn't know.

so too i wonder about returning to forest areas once used, for i went
to forest areas like that for healing that happened, but if used up,
it would want healing from me.

i just want to be safe concerning going to this gathering, since it
seems never before has a national been twice at the same place.

better for me to skip a year then harm a place that isn't recovered,

Don't sweat it. There was minimal impact in 86 and the site was left
primed for recovery. It's temperate fain forest with mixed hard and
softwood trees, and FERNS up past my knees in a lot of places. I am
sure the site will be so well recovered by now there will be no sign
of the 86 gathering anywhere.

Calm down, please? Mother Earth loves rainbow gatherings, prolly
because most of the gatherers love Mother Earth. :^)

Peace, Sanity
PS: I'm gonna miss that great sittin' log at Lazy Larry's Lookout.

but as i printed, its at a lower elevation, so healing may be fast?
the type of soils may cause regeneration quickly, hardwoods maybe
recover faster then softwoods asto ecosystems?

just what kind of trees predominate the place? pine, tall straight
trees, or short leafy hardwood trees? what about native species?

peace kind