Re: Been 12 Years...what do I need to know about gatherings these days?

On Jun 12, 10:31 am, Butterfly Bill <farfallabillONAYAMS...@xxxxxxx>
woodstock <thirdwavevisi...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey Bill there are some people who called me who are  in OK City
who have 1000 lbs of food (think I saw them posted here too) late
last night. They have 6 people too in an old toyota I think,  that
they say won't carry them and the food. I thought you might have
suggestions such as someone connecting with them to pick up the
food or the people. They wanted to hook up with our bus but that
is out of the way since we are doing either Dallas or
Nachadogchase then Little Rock Gnashville, etc. Maybe they can get
a ride to somewhere along our route.

I sent a private email to Prairie Spirit, who live in OKC, about the
recent post by those guys here on a.g.r. because P.S. told me that he
knew of "a hippy bus coming thru that is looking for riders". Looks
like that bus was you. And P.S. was the only connection I could think
of, and having used that up, I don't have any more. I've got to carry
13 boxes of Rainbow Guides in my GMC Safari van on top of my own
creature comforts.

Looks like someone in that group might have to be rich enough to rent
something, or they'll have to leave the food at a charitable
institution and use the dog to get to PA. I wish I could think of
something else but I can't.


- BB


Actually, spoke with them a couple of hours ago. I forgot that I-40
goes through both OK city and Gnashville, so it may work out for both
of us- we sorta did wanna stop in Hot Springs and Little rock to pick
up a bath and a few crystals, and one Tony Hambleton though. Although
I have had 37 people on this bus I will NEVER do that again. MAX 15
people is it so whatever part of 15 we lack it sounds like we can make
it up in OK city since they said there are 5 or 6 of them and they
might could find more if needed. Besides all of that, since the bus
seats are removed from the bus except for the driver seat, I bleeve I
recall that I can only carry 15 passengers legally- not that I ain't
an outlaw by default, and phuck em if they count my dog rosie as a
"passenger". It seems this bus never gets stopped as long as it's
moving, but gets hassled only when it stops cuz they want it to keep
moving - heh. BTW, if you aren't outta the way if we do go to OK city,
and if you wanna lighten your load a bit, we can take some of the
guides if you wish. Will send our cell if you shoot me a kite. -w-