Kryon message cures the weak

Allow the love to flow. Close your eyes and go inside and feel the love
flowing through your hearts. Love is not a new energy, but to allow love to
flow easily is quite a shift for humanity to make, and there are new
varieties of love on the way and there will be love flowing through you and
flowing into your inner child and family constellation. This will dissolve
issues very quickly and the closer the planet gets to 2013 the easier and
easier love will flow through you and dissolve whatever resistance you have
to love.

Forgiveness will flow easily and you will let go of what you need to let go
of, for clinging onto things is the root of all human suffering. If you
cling onto something that is old and decaying it does not allow you to
connect with the new you, the part of you that you came here to this earth
to experience; to experience the truth of yourself, your authentic self, for
that is what we are doing here today; allowing you to let go of what is not
authentic and allowing you to connect with your Spirit guides and with the
energies of love and deep divine connectedness. The more deeply you connect
to the divine the easier you will find life; you will be guided more deeply,
and at the same time that you the receive your guidance, the fear, the anger
and the resentments will also be let go of and these feelings are what stop
you going forward into your truth and into a new world.

As we have said before, Smata has a very divisive and colonial past within
its psyche and Winik is moving towards a rebirth, a new way of living, a new
state of being, but first of all come you who are here to do the work for
your nation, not only for your nation but for the planet. To bring back
ancient knowledge that was here two thousand years ago but has been lost;
this wisdom is being reignited inside all of you here today this day, this
wisdom is powerful, it is true Christ consciousness.

We are here to expand this energy, so we ask that you drop down deep within
yourselves and look within yours hearts for that spark of Christ
consciousness. We are here today to expand that consciousness and dissolve
the fear and whatever stops this consciousness being acted upon. So just go
to this space where you can see this spark of light, the love light, and the
light of Christ within your hearts; and even if you can't see it, just feel
it. Feel the light and feel the love and stay connected with your circle,
allowing love to flow from you to everybody in the circle, and receiving
that love and channelling that love into Christ consciousness and into what
blocks you seeing and what blocks Christ consciousness flowing in your life.
Just allow yourselves to feel the love and feel the oneness and feel the
connectedness. Feel the connectedness with Stonehenge, and allow the feeling
of Stonehenge to flow through your hearts and into this Christ
consciousness, allowing Christ consciousness to be energized within your
bodies and dissolving any obstacles in its way. Christ consciousnesses will
once again be on this green and pleasant land and that connectedness and
that movement into Christ consciousness is happening here in Tinmouth in
Devon. There are many portals and gateways into the new energies, here and
in this moment these gateways and portals are open and you have the
opportunity to walk through them and access more of the truth of who you

The moon is almost full and the moon will take away what emotions do not
serve you and allow you to connect deeper and deeper into your true self,
into your masculine self and into your feminine self; healing the masculine
and allowing the feminine to flow; allowing yourselves to be exactly who you
are meant to be for in the darkness of your psyche live the gifts you have
brought to this planet to be shared with the rest of the world. Allow
yourselves to spend time in the darkness of your psyche, in the places that
you've never ever been before, and just be inside yourselves, and feel where
these gifts that you bring to this earth are. Allow yourselves to channel
the love into dissolving the darkness around your gifts, around the success
and joy that you seek for your life; as you unravel these gifts on the
inside of yourself, that is where you will find your own joy, happiness and
Love is the only answer, love is the only way forward, love is the light
that shines in the darkness, love is the light that dissolves your problems
and love is the light that manifests your gifts. This part of the world is
very old and has been known to man for a long long time, many things have
happened here; many things have come and gone. Good things, bad things; but
consciousness until now has been waning, consciousness will now begin to
grow, to expand through your bodies and through this little town in Devon, a
new consciousness is on its way and each one of you, as you manifest your
gifts, will enhance the consciousness of this small town. You are moving
away from mass consciousness into your own consciousness of Christ. There
will be even more expanded consciousness to come, there is a completely new
world of your own choosing to come.

We ask you to allow your vibrations to rise even more and absorb more and
more of the love that is on offer here today, becoming like a sponge soaking
up everything that belongs to you, that you need to make your life work,
that you need to manifest these gifts here on earth to begin to make this
place heaven on earth and to make this a part of the new world; a place of
gentleness and kindness, a loving a place where the aggressive masculine is
no longer dominant, a place where love an truth thrive, where they make the
world a better place not only for yourselves and your children but for
everyone in the community who will benefit as a result.

There is a new world coming, a world based in love and as you heal the inner
mother, father and child, and you let the past loves come and go you will
step into a world you never believed was possible; where you create purely
out of love, love not only for yourself but for your fellowman, love is the
only answer, love is the only way forward, love is love. Love has many
facets but in its most powerful it is very gentle and very soft and very
caring, like cotton wool. So we ask you to drop deeper and deeper into your
bodies and allow yourselves to connect more strongly to Spirit. Allow the
divine guidance to flow through you into your bodies allowing it to connect
even deeper and deeper to mother earth and see under the soles of your feet
the roots of connectedness going deep in to mother earth.

Feel the energy that surrounds you and observe what you are feeling. As
these new energies come in the old ones must leave, and your cells will
become more and more activated; your cells will face the light. The more
that you face the light the easier your life will become, you will have the
energy to do what you want to do with your life, you will have the energy to
heal those karmic wounds of the past, and the wounds your families have
carried for hundreds if not thousands of years; starting off in Africa and
ending up in this lifetime. There is a new world coming and it is up to each
individual to do his or her inner work to bring consciousness to their own
bodies, to their own communities; but first it is healer heal thyself.
When you understand yourself you know yourself, and when you understand and
know yourself, you understand the universe and the solar system and you will
understand your neighbours and friends, and you will feel so much freer and
more capable of living the life you have always dreamed of, in fact your
life will go away and your life will become a dream. It will become like a
river flowing into the ocean, your life will flow like a river, there will
no longer be the wounded inner child to stop the flow, or your family karma
getting in the way of the flow. Your lessons will get easier and easier, you
will move into a completely new world taking yourselves into a very special
place, feeling much love, your body feeling light and ecstatic as your
thoughts will become your reality. Automatically your thoughts will begin
got be more and more positive and more and more loving and your reality will
become more and more loving. Whatever you give out you will receive back, so
whenever you have the opportunity to give, give, for you can only truly give
to yourself.

Continue to allow the love to flow; the energy of England doesn't look too
good on the economic front, but out of the chaos always comes order, there
will always be somebody who will resolve the chaos and bring order. You have
been tested an stretched and new ideas are coming of a new way of living,
new ways to power the nation, new energies. This will all begin to happen
and there will be a new order moving through England, a new way of
government, a new way of understanding. The people and their needs and a
recognition of the damage of the last two world wars to the psyche of
Britain, this will also begin to be resolved.

Daua stands proud in this world, a solid masculine nation with a very strong
structure and that structure is now to be used to allow a different kind of
energy to flow through the nation and through the world and that is the
energy of ethics and integrity. It will not devalue the nation in any way,
in fact it will increase Britain's power in the world for the divine
requires receptive energies to be able to work through and these receptive
energies will begin to manifest themselves in positions of power and in fact
this has already been happening. These new energies will take the place of
the old energies which will make way for them.

Snata is no longer at the centre of its empire but it is still at the centre
of many aspects of the world. It needs new ideas and new ways of doing
thing, but these can only happen through pure love and true ethics. The
banking system, if it does not become ethical will collapse. Money is an
important commodity and is useful, but it is rather wiser to allow the
financial system to become ethical than let it collapse. Spirit needs
mediums to work through and money is a medium. If too much of this medium is
diverted into the wrong areas then Spirit can't use it and Spirit won't use
it. Spirit is all powerful and all mighty and if Spirit deems fit to stop
using the financial system as it is today then it will collapse, make no
mistake. It is for everybody to bring ethics into the world of finance and
bring ethics into their hearts, money is not love; money can be a reflection
of love but it is not love. Love is love and money is money, money won't
make you happy, but when you are happy you are likely to get money which
will keep you happy. Love is love and love is what makes the world go
around. Don't let yourselves be mistaken about this, everybody needs money
to live but everybody needs love, love is far more important than money; if
you don't receive love through your hearts you die.

Love is a very powerful energy and an energy that you fear, or, there would
have been times that you experienced love and that love was taken away.
Remember you gave yourself that love and you took that love away from
yourselves. We ask you once again to let it flow, remember those times that
you stopped loving, step by step of the way let them come and let them go.
You are much older and wiser now and you won't make the same mistakes once
the love starts to flow again. Sometimes with age comes the fear of making
the same mistake again. A mistake is a gift and a lesson; you won't make the
same mistake again, you might make another but not the same, so let go of
your fears of making mistakes and allow the mistakes to happen until you get
it right, until the flow of love continues to flow through your hearts
incessantly with a force and with a power.

Love is the answer, love is the only answer. Love is your connection to the
divine. Love is your journey into oneness, for you will find love; we have
spoken earlier of consciousness and unconsciousness. Unconsciousness is made
conscious by love, by loving actions and deeds and energies. Observe your
behaviours and see to it you act with love and care and kindness, when you
are being kind to yourself, you are loving yourself. Whatever is given is
given to yourself.

Dear ones let the journey begin and let it continue. Go deeper and deeper
and deeper into your own hearts and find our what is in your heart that you
are afraid of; where is this fear of love, what is it? Let it come and let
it go. The paradox is that love can dissolve the fear a little bit like the
song of amazing grace; "once I was lost, and now I am found", but it is
amazing grace that lost you and found you. It's the same energy flowing
through you, you become lost and you become found, you became connected then
So allow the love to flow, just let it flow like when you were a child, let
the love flow for this is the energy of the new age, the energies of Christ
consciousness and love flowing from eternity till eternity from infinity to
infinity. Just know that there is new world coming; you are the new world
you are on the cutting edge of the new world.