Re: R.I.P. rainbow gatherings, PT2

On Jan 28, 3:47 pm, barry208 <barry...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No the information you are reposting is not correct. The actual
information is located athttp://flrainbow.orgThe actual gathering
itself starts seed camp tommorrow. Ocala has been a permitted
gathering for the past seven years. The permit, the operating plan and
the negotiations are all discussed during Florida Family Council which
is a well publisized open event that takes place the Sunday following
the end of hunting season, in a public area of Farles Prarrie, as it
has for more than a quarter century.

Karin is a focalizer from California who reposted the real notes from
a Florida Family website. As Thistle correctly noted, you have
continually reposted some troll's nonsense. If you are looking for
real information from the land, ask away. If not consider yourself
ignored from this point on.


So barry are you saying, that you, right alone with sanity... is
stating that karin is posting false info, when the info you stated,
she posted is from fl. family, which they posted is from the land
in which the 2nd paragraph states.......

Report From the Ocala Scouting

First of all a big thank you to all that came out for our scouting
last month!

We meet with the FS permit contact person on Friday at the Forest
Office, and they gave us their big topo maps to help us scout, took
names and copied our drivers license, and grilled us for about 3

The info is plain as black & white, or plain as night & day......

Are you right alone with thistle saying, that this is what scouts
have to go through now, to scout for a gathering ?????
You, sanity, me, & all others of the family damn well know that the
81wa. consensus
was for family not to sign anymore permits...
Barry I know you're not a newbie to the family, but yet you & others
fail to follow consensus of the family, which is..........
No permits for gatherings !!!!!!