Re: is screwing with me

Actually Thistle, there are a number of folks in Rainbow Land who do
care about the family dispite what you might think. Many of those
folks understand where a real need exsists and although most people
can only afford physical assistance, food for the gatherings, lending
tools and gear to help build kitchens, teaching or a kind ear, hugs
and genuine thank you's - there are a few who are fortunate enough to
help fund those things that they feel are worth while and do so when
possible. With that in mind, know that the server has remained funded
over the years (12) by kind donations from various sources and

As for prestige, What "king of the mountain" do you think exsists in
Rainbow? Do you really think that the family is stupid enough to dote
over a leader. If you or anyone here on AGR believes that the family
is that shallow then you dont have a very high view of the kindred.

It seems to me that there are but a handful of folks here on AGR that
worry so much about other people's funding methods or what others may
have in their pocket. Those few of you that are that shallow appear to
me to be of the same mentality as the persons who only want to know
what you have so that they can get a piece of it. Have you ever asked
what might be needed to help out? Have you ever offered any
assistance? No, I think you are more content in bitching about what
other may or may not be doing - kinda like bringing peace to the world
by sitting on your ass waiting for the next oppertunity to bitch about
why it aint happening fast enough.

One thing you can bank on is that you have never offered anything here
other then some sad sack commentary - at least Gary has a home he
opens up and food to share - Bodhi is willing to stand ground in D.C.
and do what he can to turn the tide. There are others here on AGR who
at least focalize, do research / archieving, cook food, healing wounds
and a host of other benificial yoga's. Dont you feel even a bit
ashamed that you havent taken the time to get active and contribute to
the flow?

You and Olooney - what a lovely pair of misfits, at least you have
eachother for comfort and reverberate off of.

So when are you going to get active in something positive?