Re: Is LSD the new Zanex?

you can get them from cowpies, in fact you dont have to wait for them to
grow in the cowpies, just have a few scoops of a hot one, and you get high
as a kite.

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Erogotamine definately needs to be'n'JuJu were helping
a sis recover from a major concusion & her doc prescribed erogotamine;
it certainly didn't help the sis with the pressure on her brain; it
made her mean as her pain intensified. Woulda rather babysat while she
did some decent LSD

Mushrooms are a good alternative. While not as quick they will do an
adequate job for cluster headaches and I would assume concussion
recovery as they reduce brain pressure. Lots of people grow em in
mycobags using spore syringes so they will get a clean dependable
dosage. Of course it
is illegal and a person needs to take precautions in that department.
Nice if one could buy some fat cambodian caps at wallgreen.