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On Aug 7, 12:52 pm, Mike <amcardi...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
not yet, but thanks for the concept and concern ...
luckily, I had some items I could sell for immediate needs
and still possess others to use as trade items.

I tried once before to get SS benefits after being badly
hurt ... only to realize I was the wrong gender, age,
and genetic background to earn one ...

(hmm, did I mention all of the ways I was told I did
not fit into a 'clique' of the chosen?)

no matter, I have problems dealing with rejection and
rarely set myself up for it ...

(hence my bachelor state, grin)

I am not sure whether I would go or not, but being
dependent on others as I am, I can't say I will
apply either ... I dunno.

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You have to have a permanent disability that will prevent you from
working. SSA defines permanent as lasting at least 12 months - they
define able to work (perform "substantial gainful activity")
differently depending on age, educational background, and such.

You can have a number of medical conditions that taken as a whole are
a disabling condition for work consideration..

You can apply over the phone. You will likely be turned down
initially. After that, find a lawyer - if they think they can win
they case they will take it on a contingency basis.

Some states have programs that can help folk with temporarily
disabling conditons - severe enough to prevent work temporarily. This
si becoming more rare as the economy has tanked.

Old Tom