Re: Very Interesting turn of events regarding a possible permit for New Mexico 09

On Jun 11, 6:33 pm, Tha Billdozer <thabilldo...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Jun 11, 5:22 pm, Ayin <-ammitus...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

i thought the signing of permits was spose to alleviate that.  at
that was the original reason/justification for complying with the
desire for a signed permit. **shrug** i'm confused.

That was what they thought.... or at least that was what the USFS told
them to get Garrick to sign that permit in 2003.... and it has been
downhill from there.

And now that multiple permits have been signed both on the national
and regional level they are not going to back down.... and who can
blame them ??

BUT WAIT !! who was it that exposed this shit years ago ?? who was it
that has teken the brunt of the shit on this forum for exposing it ??


Gonna keep it up until someone finally has the balls to admit that I
was right.

You were wrong, as always.