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When the public peaceably assembles {gathers} on its own property it
isn't tresspassing.

Private groups using public lands is a distinct issue.

"Governments make distinctions." - Paine

So, the question is: "Is the rainbow family public or private?"

I think anyone with a belly button whether he or she wants to call
themselve "Rainbow" or not is welcome at a rainbow gathering as long
as they are peaceable; therefore, rainbow gatherings are PUBLIC
happenings no matter what name gets hung in the trees near the start
of 'em.

I think the claim of one small clique/tribe of folks that they "host"
the gatherings is absurd: 1) It's not on their land; 2) They don't pay
for all the food and refreshments or do all the work; 3) The members
of that little clique/tribe total fewer than 1% of the total people
that attend; 4) No consensus from the gatherers as a whole has ever
granted to that clique any standing to negotiate anything with anyone;
and, 5) The 1972 Rainbow Gathering was for some stated purposes which
were never persued, like buying land for a commune etc. ...

My conclusion drawn from my assement of the situation as I've stated
it above is: "Rainbow gatherings are public happenings, not private."

If you think I'm wrong please articulate your reasoning, but all
comments are welcome.   :^)

Peace, Sanity

My thinking anymore is along the line of those that insist on working
out an operational plan with the authorities are doing so as a means
to keep the peace with the FS for the sake of those who come with
their children.

After last year's fiasco in Kid Village that makes no sense.

 Even though the activity compromises the 1st
amendment right (to peaceably assemble)

Chuck, it is a direct traversal not a compromise. Manifest conspiracy
against rights, a felony per Title 18 USCA Section 241.

it would appear that those who
do so feel their effort is necessary for the greater good, but I’m of
the opinion that this way to thinking is short sighted at best.

I call it STUPID at best if that's what they're thinking, but I don't
think "they" are thinking, just Plunker and the rest are folllowing
out of blind faith in their leader. I have no faith in Plunker to be
blind about and think he's a weasel that just wants a party in the
woods w/o the spectre of jail hanging over his head, regardless of how
his actions affect the lives of others.

Plunker came to the Usenet side of AGR to brag about having asked
Garrick to sign the Utah Permit, declaring he'd decided it was "best
for all concerned" but when I challenged him and asked him where he
got the authority to make that decision for everyone
it is true the gathering has traditionally been carried out through a
series of communications with the FS to establish an operational plan,
those efforts were never done as a means to avert the need of a signed
permit (even though permits have been signed) which is what the
operational plan does today under the Reg. as an alternative.  It is
because of this activity whether it is recognize or not the gathering
as it is performed today is a private group function allowed by the
gov under the Group Use Regulation via an operational plan in lieu of
a permit (as an alternative).  While it may be open to the public the
fact that an alternative to a permit is pursued this sets the
precedence the gov is after to establish the event as a group

If you think about it the only alternatives available are to cancel
the gathering in protest (which is unlikely “ignore all rumors of
cancellation”) or stop communicating with the gov altogether and
gather in stealth like fashion.  The latter would likely create a
hostile environment throughout the event and families with children
would find the gathering a very unpleasant experience to say the
least.  So the long and short of it is the gathering from here on out
is under the Reg. (group use) and will be until the gov collapses and
then there’ll be no need to communicate with anyone other than those
who come to gather.