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Mexican Drug War Violence Is Going off the Charts
drug policy on the border. Obama has stated publicly that he supports
the Mérida Initiative aid package, and Monday he limited his public
remarks to generalities.

Obama's Choice: Sane U.N. Drug Policy or the Same Old Failed War-on-
Drugs Routine?

By Allan Clear, AlterNet. Posted January 27, 2009.

America's current foreign policy has very little impact on reducing
supply, consumption or cultivation. Obama has a big chance to turn it
By contrast, practically no one knows about the Commission on Narcotic
Drugs meeting that will take place in Vienna, Austria, six weeks from
now, March 12-13. This meeting of United Nations member states will
review the results of the1998 U.N. General Assembly Special Session on
drugs that set the framework for the last decade's international drug
policy. They will then release a political declaration that will set
the framework for the next decade -- and, by implication, the course
for the global response to the HIV epidemic as it affects drug users.

Unfortunately what both Govs. dont realize is that as long as there is
a demand for such there will be a supply. $$$$ works an makes people
move in there direction with $$$

As long as there are folks that are willing to look the other way for $
$$ the movie will never stop or even slow down.

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