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On Jan 25, 1:59 pm, RiverMan <scarumcr...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sometimes the best way to deal with that is by getting in front of
it.  Loooong before you start cooking you make it clear to those who
are hanging around that the area needs to be pick-up and dishes need
to be cleaned.  Make sure the dish station is ready for use and/or get
someone on that before you make an announcement to the effect that you
will start cooking when these things get done.  And stick to it.
Again too, (I’ve had trouble with this situation myself) sometimes
it’s the person saying it that makes the difference so if you’re not
getting the help you need, try getting someone else to make the
announcement.  Some people have a knack for getting people motivated.

YOu are right about that. The problem people are ones that show up
from "down the trail" after the speeches are over. I have made several
people put back lids to cooking pots and other things they just happen
to grab as bliss. Plus some of these people stop by drunk or stoned
out of their mind on something and just don't listen. I am a pretty
good motivator but like they said in Cool Hand Luke "What we have here
is a failure to communicate. Some people you just can't reach" The
biggest problem with the Sweet Om kitchen at Ocala was we were set up
right at the edge of parking and main trail. Lotsa drinking and other
negative vibes. The reason we were set up there is when we first got
there on January 31st (my B'day :-) there was hardly anyone there and
no one really knew where everything was going. Then there was a mass
exodus to another spot called Duck Pond. We packed up all our stuff
and moved to duck pond. About the time we got our kitchen set up the
LEO's came driving through and told us to move back to the original
place or get a $275 ticket. So we packed up everything and moved back
to the first site... too tired at that point to hike all that crap way
down into the gathering we set up where we were.

-=] RiverMan [=-

You do what you can, what you must, what makes sense, what works, and
"fck da dumm shk" sometimes people fall into [or go wayway out'a der
way to be dat] that category.