New USDA Undersecretary for Natural Resources & the Environment

We need someone who has experience at bring communities, environmentalist
and industry to the table to find cooperative solutions.
Will Rogers, President of the Trust for Public Lands is just such
a person.


William B. Rogers

President and Chief Executive Officer, Trust for Public Land
Will Rogers is President and CEO of the Trust for Public Land (TPL), a
national nonprofit that conserves land for people to enjoy as parks,
playgrounds, community gardens, farms, historic places, and wilderness.
Whether recycling brownfields for new urban parks or playgrounds or
conserving remote and inspirational wildlands, TPL brings a market-based
approach to its mission of protecting the places that inspire us and where
people can connect with the natural world and with each other.

Based in San Francisco, TPL has 400 staff in 40 offices nationwide and since
1972, TPL has helped protect over two million acres of land. Under Will's
leadership, TPL has successfully tackled conservation challenges as diverse
as new playgrounds in New York and Newark, the headwaters of the Connecticut
River in northern New Hampshire, a new public park in downtown Santa Fe, the
25,000 acre Wao Kele O Puna of coastal Honolulu, Hawaii, and the scenic
Waddle Ranch near Truckee, California. During this time, TPL's Conservation
Finance Program has also helped states and communities design and pass 333
ballot measures that have created more than $30 billion in land conservation
funding through bonds and sales taxes to protect air and water quality,
preserve land, and create parks; and TPL's Conservation Vision program has
begun or completed more than 50 GIS mapping projects nationwide to help
communities and regions set their conservation priorities.

Will Rogers is a nationally recognized advocate for land conservation and
has given major addresses or interviews to the Urban Land Institute, the
National Smart Growth Conference, the National Brownfields Conference, and
Talk of the Nation, among others.

Before joining TPL, Will Rogers managed infill urban redevelopment projects
for a Chicago-based real estate development company, managing both new
construction and the rehabilitation of vacant industrial buildings for
commercial, office, and residential use. Before becoming a developer and
then an "undeveloper" Will was a commercial beekeeper, founding and managing
a commercial honey production company in Bogotá, Columbia. He is a graduate
of Stanford University and received his MBA from Harvard University. He
lives with his family in Kensington, California, and continues to keep
honeybees in his back yard.


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