Re: "The United States Will Not Torture"

On Jan 24, 12:37 am, bodhi <psychedelictour...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Jan 23, 6:13 pm, bodhi <psychedelictour...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:> But
first ....uh.... Obama had to retake the oath of office AGAIN.

Why? The "official reason" is because on Inauguration Day Chief
Justice John Roberts misplaced the word 'faithfully' so they had to do
a "retake" yesterday - that's the "official" reason, but christ knows
what the real reason is - maybe it was because the same people who
claim Obama is not a naturalized citizen would now claim that he’s not
really president.
But here's the question: Was the second oath taken with Obama's hand
on the Bible or Koran?
Answer: .... seriously, it was NEITHER!! Someone forgot to bring a
bible so they did the swearing-in ceremony without one!!!
No TV camera crews or news photographers were allowed access to the
event,although pictures were taken by a White House photographer.
Millions of people .... er witnesses ... were absent fromthe
ceremony .... er ... even Michelle Obama, was absent.
So let's get this straight... Obama has to take the Qath of Office
again because Chief Justice John Roberts forgets the word 'faithfully'
the day before in front of millions, then in a private ceremony with
NO witnesses available, takes the Oath of Office "unfaithfully"
because Roberts forgets to bring a bible .....
Like I said - this is the "official" story... I hope you're not buying
These swaggering backslapping empty-suit chuckleheads better get their
shit together!

The cat is outta the bag!
(Cue in spooky music)

This video might explain why Obama couldn't find a bible for the 2nd
swearing in ceremony - he doesn't own one!!!!!

So what? The Bible expressly commands bleevers not to sware ANY
oaths. Sware on a whole stack of Bibles = risk falling into

James 5:12 (King James Version)
12 But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven,
neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be
yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation.

(Cue in more spooky music)

Ahem: The Ten Commandments are from the book of Exodus, Chapter 20 et
seq., not Deuteronomy as the authoritarian video says...

"My Muslim faith" - oops!!

Oops indeed! His "faith" changes to suit... Of course Obama will
never address this faux pas; politicians never admit mistakes this
big. He'll ignore it until it fades from what the public focuses on,
then forget it.
The Greek “hypocritus” (stage actor) is the root of the word
hypocrite. Jesus didn't like hypocrites at all. Hey, Muslims don't
care for hypocrites either. Personally, as long as it's for
entertainment or instruction I think theatre is a good thing; but when
it comes to world leaders I'd prefer them to be honest instead of
Nixon, the most hypocritical US President in US history until G.W.
Bush came along, claimed to be a Quaker and took the oath of office.
Ahem: It is a tenant of the Quaker faith that they absolutely do not
sware oaths.
And so it goes.

Peace, Sanity