Re: So... WWYDIYWLE? (What would you do if you were Lynelle Engel, i.e. me?)

Thanks, Sam, you're correct... It is me, Lynelle Engel. And thanks to
you, too, Michael, you're correct, too - I am a wingnut, albeit a
reformed conscience-carrying variety. If it pleases you, as it does
me, we can be gentle with each other, because (as someone wittily and
wisely pointed out earlier in another thread) here on Earth, every
buddha poops, and even buddha poo is sacred. Holy. Wow. In other
words, I am striving to have and to hold and to show empathy for my
dear detractor, for he is as I am as you are as they are as all of us
are blessed as can be, each and every one. Don't get me wrong, though,
I'm confused about the fact that he's saying he won't accept those
USPS Money Orders! After all this? What? Whoopsie! The harder they
think, the harder they run, and my mind just hopped back on that
hamster wheel... Steady, now... Hocus... Pocus... FOCUS... Whoa, ho,
all I want to know is, how does the song go? Come... Hear...
Silence... Namaste2U2, allee-allee-incomefree,
0...1...2...3...infinity! Made my amends, walking gently in the
Valley, taking refuge in the sangha, singing "Om-to-the-Mani-to-the-
Padme-to-the-Hum" to the Void. Peace! Light! Epiphany! ;^) lme