The story.... according to Ohlooney and a stalker

OK, so this friend of mine that I have known since 1984 went through
some hard times.... she was living in Somerville in 1999 with her then
boyfriend and several others.

During which time she and her boyfriend parted ways and he moved
out.... she went through a rough patch and became extremely

At which time one of the roommates, Paul Mudgett, willingly and
knowingly loaned her $800.... why ?? he will not answer that
question..... and then 2 weeks later kicked her out.

Big surprise, she did not stick around Somerville.

She moved to Western Mass where she has been ever since then.

Paul Mudgett on the other hand has spent the past 10 years trying to
find her.... not sure why it was so hard becuz mutual friends had been
out to Western Mass to visit her.

But, most recently Paul found her.

And he was not nice about contacting her.... in fact threatened her
with legal action, threatened to damage her vehicle, threatened to
(and actually did) contact her employer, and threatened to (and
actually did) contact all of her friends (and co-workers) on Face

He threatened to stalk her until 2038.

Why ?? all over $800 he knowingly and willingly loaned her 10 years

So, she came to me as one of her oldest and dearest friends and asked
for my advice.

My advice: do not pay him one thin dime, inform him that she no longer
wished to be contacted with him, provide him with the Federal Statute
on Cyberstalking, and contact her local DA and Ploice.... and .

Well, she did exactly that.... as did I.

The local DA told her that she has a case and needs to compile all
emails and voice mails left by him and file.

The police took a report but could not do anything as no actual harm
had been done.... BUT, they contacted Paul Mudgett and informed him
that an official report had been filed.

This of course did not make him happy.

He then started harassing me and threatening me... as many have found
out this is not a route to take with me.

He claims that I said I was a paralegal in Massachusetts.... never
said that, he claims that I am practicing law in that state, and that
this woman hired me as legal counsel.... all of which never took

Claims that he contacted the Mass Bar Association and filed an ethics
violation against me, called the State Attorney General and filed
against me there, and that he also contacted the Mass and Texas State
Police and field complaints with them against me.

What Paul Mudgett did not know was just how connected I really am.

He threatened to contact my employer, my landlord, and people on my
MySpace page.... which he never did.

If Paul Mudgett wants he money he will have to file a civil case in
court.... period, end of story.

BUT, when a judge is handed the emails he has sent to this woman and
myself over the past month I doubt he will get anything.

Had Paul Mudgett actually approached the situation a little better....
hell, a lot better, he would have his money right now and this would
all be over.

Here is how he should have approached it:

Hey Now,

How's it going ?? have not seen you in some time and wanted to know if
everything was alright with you ?? was wanting also to touch base on
that $800 I loaned you and was wondering if we could somehow get
together and work on a payment schedule.

But alas, this is not how he went about it.

So, there you have it.... If push comes to shove as people know I am
not opposed to posting his emails here.

BTW, I have been on the side for awhile.... work and family has me too
busy for the bullshit here.