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Spiritrising, why are you posting a "Rainbow Gathering" on Missouri
conservation land ? Isn't going to happen.

Twofaces makes trouble because, IMHO, he's a saddist ... will he be at
this gathering he's announcing? I seriously doubt it.

That line: "All politicians -- out of charity" is out of the original
1972 Oracle, is deliberately insulting, and is part of the root of the
problems the Rainbow Family Tribe has had with the Gummint ever since.


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On May 11, 10:19 pm, "spiritrising"

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 To All Points of light.

                                                    The Ozark Rainbow Family
Of Living Light
                                                                   To Dispel
All Rumors,

We, who are brothers & sisters, children of God/The Great Spirit, families
of life on earth, friends of nature & of all people, children of humankind
calling ourselves Ozark Rainbow Family  of Living Light in the Ozarks,
United States, humbly invite:

All races, peoples, tribes, communes, men, women, children, individuals --  
out of love.

All nations & national leaders -- out of respect

All religions & religious leaders -- out of faith

All politicians -- out of charity, to join with us for

our annual Gathering Of The Tribes, spring regional gathering during the
weeks of May 27,2008 through June 9, 2008

This open gathering invitation will be celebrated at Whetstone Creek
Conservation Area

Driving Directions
From I-70 in Northern Missouri, Take the Williamsburg exit, take Route D
north to the stop sign. Turn west and continue on Route D to County Road
1003. Go north 2 miles on County Road 1003 to the entrance of the
conservation area bearing left follow to Welcome Home.

In the interest of protecting the Mother Earth you are encouraged to
participate in helping keep the land in it's natural state by treading
lightly upon it. Please respect everyone's right to use the land in a
peaceful manner and help spread the love of nature in thoughtful and
meaningful ways. The Spirit of of who we are as a human tribe in harmony is
the ultimate validation of our common creed. We are the Rainbow Nation and
our collective beauty shines even in the darkest of times, and it is the
gift of peace that we bring to share with the world. Let it shine!

Harm no living thing; use only down dead wood, cut no living trees.
Drop no litter of any kind. Separate trash for recycling and deposit at
collection sites.
Put any vegetable matter in compost pits.
Protect our water! Use no soap within 50' of streams.
Do not pee or poop in or near water areas. (150' away)
Do not camp above springs.
Use your own cup, bowl, and spoon, wash them thoroughly, including a bleach
Use only latrine trenches.
 Clean up after children and pets.
Cover feces and
toilet paper with dirt and ashes.
Wash hands (break the fly connection! Feces-fly-food-you).
Visit CALM if you feel ill, especially if you might have a communicable
Drink only water that has been filtered or boiled briskly for 10 minutes.
Keep your camp secure. "Tempt not, lest ye be lifted from".
Pets should be left at home.
Be responsible for your animals. Keep them out of kitchens, food, and
Keep only community fires.
Discourage all forms of drug overindulgence.
Participate in Shanti-Sena workshops and activities.
Weapons are inappropriate.
Engage in no violence.
Volunteer, share, give.
Join us on the 4th of July, and every Sunday in silent meditation for world
Maintain silence from dawn until noon.
Donate to the Magic Hat.
 Our power combined is many times our power separate.
Face the Rainbow with an open heart, and you will see the vision!

Things to Bring
Camping Equipment
Sleeping Bags / Blankets
Rain Gear / Tarps
Candles, incense, chimes, drums
Food & Drinks to share
Kitchen Equipment
Small hand tools
Swimming outfits / tubes
Personal first-aid kit
Sun screen / Lip Balm
Water filter / Containers

The Ozark Rainbow Family has suffered much from individuals who have tried
to co-opt and hijack our kind family gatherings. The Rainbow Family of
Living Light is not for anyone to control as it is freedom in raw form.. It
is the intension of this gathering to have a peaceful celebration without
need for leaders, permits, gurus or high holies. No request for permit
authorization has been made, and as such shall stand on the thoughts and
words of our fore parents and their endeavor to ratify a constitution with
liberty at the core in the least restrictive manner, allowing for personal
choice and the freedom to assemble.

Ignore Rumors of Cancellation or Leadership!
Spread the word and spread the peace!
Remember why we are known as The Rainbow Family of Living Light.
BLESSINGS  From  the Ozark Family


Misszzory suckz

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