Re: USFS Conference Call in March

On Feb 9, 5:25 pm, Chuck <livingli...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm tempted to tap into this conference call simply to hear what's
being discussed.  And while I'm at it, see if the alternative method
being implemented is still "under" the Reg. wherein Section 9 would
still apply.  If not, I would be inclined to ask for that in writing.
If so, though I wouldn't expect it to happen, to have that information
added to the Howdy Folks (couldn't hurt to ask).  Even if it is a
group (and it appears that's the case here in the US anyway) I should
hope there would remain an honest effort to keep the gathers aware of
their liabilities.  But what's most likely to happen is I'll forget.
I'm not even sure I'm all that interested and that's yet a long way

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Oh NO, Chuck, please don't do THAT, besides iff'n you did you might
later regret something could not undo. And you might get
inadvertently conscripted to the ominous, nefarious, omniscient
Far better you should just scratch your head in thoughtfulness
till you are bald and bleeding.