Re: Astro turf & Staph Re: Staph -- another thing to consider.

Still Undefined wrote:
I find it interesting that in my many conversations with so many
people, that only those who have had staph or MRSA are the ones that
are aware of its danger. (Or those with loved ones who have
contracted it)

I have been gone from the Toledo area for 2 years so I am meeting
dozens of old friends and when they ask what I have been up to, I
tell them immediately about being hospitalized with MRSA , rather than
my adventures on the road....only because MRSA is an epidemic and life
threatening. I feel obligated to might save a life.

Anyway, to my surprise, so many of the average "JOE citizens" have had
staph or MRSA....most outside of the hospital areana.

This weekend, I got 2 calls....from one friend in the hospital in San
Diego with MRSA, and another one here in Toledo.
The San Diego friend lives on the road on his motorcycle. The other
works in a nursing home which is similar to a hospital environment.
Both strong healthy men.

Another friend almost died from a MRSA abcess in the back of his
throat. No hospital involved there.

What killed the 17 yr old HS student in the news last month, is a
staph infection that either started or ended in the lungs. I do not
know if he had an infected wound which is the normal pathway of the
staph/MRSA bacteria.

If my friends don't know what MRSA is, and don't believe me, (the
denial system is strong in many), I tell them to go do some research
because prevention can be quite simple.

It is once you get it that it is unpredictable and so painful and life

Knowledge also prevents us from spreading it since 30 % of us are
colonized with it and don't know it. And that 60% of that 30% is now
the MRSA bacteria.

I was surprised to hear that the astro turf in stadiums is a breeding
ground for staph. H'mmmm....makes sense tho!

They just had a MRSA case at the middle school where my grandaughters
attend. Since I am staying with my daughter, I am exposed dailey
whatever they bring home.

Some people think I am contaigious 'cuz I had it in Aug. I try to
tell them that they, could be, more of a danger to me than I am to
them by not knowing how it is spread. Plus, as long as I am not
actively infected, I am not contaigious.

I was at a health food store and the "herb" lady defiantly told me
that her kids and family have never had a staph infection and never
will. I hope so for her sake, but I also live a holistic lifestyle
and hadn't been near a hospital in 15 years and it surely kicked my


Good for you for carrying this torch! Please don't be put off by folks like the herb lady. While it is true that a healthy lifestyle is a protective factor against many illnesses, it is a myth that holistic vegetarian types don't get horrible diseases, including staph and cancer. One of my objections to any kind of zealotry--be it dietary, lifestyle, or religious--is that it blames the sufferer for their own suffering. Sick? Must be your own fault because you weren't faithful enough to whatever principle is being espoused, right? Hogwash, I say, hogwash!!