Re: Lowest postings on AGR in a decade for Feb

This is very well put, and makes much sense to me, though I have
comparatively little experience with the internet protocols. Thanks.

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I think Bodhi is a funny guy alot of the time- jester type character.

Good analogy.

Yeah, and I like that Bodhi.

I'm also fine with his sharing his reading with us. The ONLY thing
that bothers me is the way he does it:
-- He seldom if ever posts a link to the sites he gets the stuff
from. There might be a lot of interesting stuff at that site. What's
up? Trying to hold out on us?
-- Much of the time the author of the article isn't given due credit.
It sucks to work hard to create something only to have somebody else
take it without even mentioning your name, much less thanking you,
much much less asking first.
-- Maybe like Connie says, he "peppers" the articles with comments,
but it's a few specks of pepper at best. The articles are typically so
large, and unformatted, so that all this "pepper" is hard to find.
-- The way a lot of people respond to messages here isn't all that
exact, making it so that some will reply at the bottom of the article,
leaving the whole thing intact, making us download the whole freaking
thing yet again, OR, they post at the top, again leaving the whole
freaking thing at the bottom. Either way results in way too much stuff
being posted again, and again, and again, and having to be downloaded.
The result is a thread that's like wading thru deep mud.

What I WISH Bodhi (and others would do) is to post a LINK to the
article, with some summary and/or comment on what it's about, what you
think of it.

"do you know what HYPERTEXT means, boys and girls?".

What would be even better is if people would keep a message open when
they surf, and post a BUNCH of "commented links" at the end of their

Funny thing -- blogs started for exactly this purpose. A way of
remembering interesting sites, with comments. Granted that they've
evolved away from that, but something else has evolved that's even
better for that purpose...

<drum roll>

Enter the "social bookmarking" site. The purpose of which is to allow
people bookmark sites and save them to a central place, usually tagged
with keywords and comments. One of my favorites is
and I visit it all the time, because there's always something
interesting posted there that I'm not exactly looking for.

There was an article in Wall St. Journal (yes, I read it) a couple
weeks ago about these sites, and how people use them, and darn -- it
made me think that Bodhi could like, really make a name for himself.
And perhaps some money for his valuable service to mankind.

See, I like having people pre-read stuff for me, I just don't like
rip'n'posting it here. I'd rather reserve this ng for our own


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