Re:baseball players? (Was: Something else)

Terry Richards wrote:
Carla wrote:

I totally agree that life is a movie. However, movies are not real life. (Squares are always rectangles, but rectangles are not always squares--basic logic).

Just got back from the San Francisco Bay Area and am happy to report that I did not see a single person grabbing their crotches. Saw a lot of people. Lots of diversity, lots of different ages. No crotch-grabbing. I still maintain this is a phenomenon among rappers (and possibly, I will grant you, among some deluded high schoolers) that occurs rarely in "real life" (whatever that may be).

might be more of an east coast thing and not so much anymore, but it was quite common, even I do it....and movies R real too, and a "square" is any area 100 square feet no matter what the shape

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