Re: Living Beneath a Pale Sun.

Rainbow Blue wrote:
Excellent article. One thing lacking is reference to Germans of that time being extremely susceptible to buying into the political leanings of anyone willing to buy them a beer. ;)

that isn't anything new

The Continental Congress passed a resolution on 4 November 1775 defining the ration of each enlisted soldier:

Resolved , That a ration consist of the following kind and quantity of provisions, viz:

1 lb. of beef, or 3/4 lb. pork, or 1 lb. salt fish, per day.
1 lb. of bread or flour per day.
3 pints of pease, or beans per week, or vegitables equivalent, at one dollar per bushel for pease or beans.
1 pint of milk per man per day, or at the rate of 1/72 of a dollar.
1 half pint of Rice, or 1 pint of indian meal per man per week.
1 quart of spruce beer or cyder per man per day, or nine gallons of Molasses per company of 100 men per week.
3 lb. candles to 100 Men per week for guards.
24 lb. of soft or 8 lb. of hard soap for 100 men per week.

and from:

One of George Washington's first acts as Commander of the Continental Army was to proclaim that every one of his troops would receive a quart of beer with his daily rations.