Re: wavin' a hand:howdy from nina...

Are you 40 miles from Charlo cause that's where my husb grew up. He
says their football team used to always beat your football team.

woodstock wrote:
Preacher Mike wrote:
ok- didn't know if she spelled it how it sounds nine uh and not neena-
know what I'm trying to say? -w-

Yup ...
The Nina I knew is a tall, strong, and out-spoken sister
with a gentle loving soul well hidden behind an off-the-wall
sense of humor ...
The last I heard she had a daughter, probably grown and
on her own by now, though she may have been gifted with
more children since I last saw her, (it has been a lot of years ...)

Yeah- seen her and her daughter buncha times since I been out. -w-