Where have all the rainbows gone?

I just got this email. Here it is, with my reply interspersed:


W^B reads this and pret'near gasps

XxxxxYyyyyBear@xxxxxxx wrote:
I cant find any real family anymore. Is it just me?
Word: not 5 minutes ago I was thinking, "What about all the people I
got to know over the years, where are they all? Maybe I should have
stayed with the commune in Williams Lake, or with the kids in Squamish.
Maybe it was a mistake to move east ... or spend so much time on
street-politics isntead of music."

Bro', I been watching it come apart since '70 ... is why I studied Tib
Buddhism: I figured things were gonna get hard.

The last few small regional's I went to had alcohol all over inside the gathering.
I drink, k? Believe it or not as much as anything else so I can chill
the boozers. But I really hear you ... that just ain't right.

People were fighting constantly, and the land was not treated with respect.
Now, thing is, did others just not notice? or did they notice but are
so wrapped in shame and guilt that they dug themselves down into a
stinking heap of denial?

I miss the original Rainbow Gatherings.
In the place I was there was no locals. And I've always been too far
away and too broke to go to a national.
I've been with "tribe" but have actually met few Rainbows. I got
"WillowBear" from a beautiful woman I met at a folk fest in Northern
Alberta ... 1976 ... she was with a band of 5 ... true soul-family.

Did things change? or was I having to much fun when I was a kid to notice what I see now?

*sigh* You're astute.
When I tried to signal danger, folk were just bothered ... downer,
wet-blanket, pessimist (which I ferr shurr ain't) ... part of the
problem of folk not paying attention / being too busy and distracted is
that, well, folk aren't paying attention.

What happens is that those who are seeing the problems leave ...
.... cuz the "bliss kiddiez" and the space-caditiots and live and luv
delusionists don't want to see and hear.

I moved to Mmmm Nnnnnnn knowing that there would be lots of good rainbow family here. I was wondering if you could maybe direct me to some one who can help answer my questions on what happened to the Rainbow Family. I want to go home, but I don't know how to find a safe gathering without Drainbow's everywhere.

Can you imagine, in your mind's eye, a sizable group that is not

I am from Nederland Colorado and noticed this problem of fake directions to fake gathering's start in the mid 90's. Is there such thing as a true real actual Rainbow Gathering anymore?

*listens for answers*
You know, both the BC and Quebec circles have gotten right private ...
they don't let it be known ... so out in Babylon it's as if the family
doesn't even exist. Putting up walls as a defense strategy seems to
make sense, but it's what a species tries to do just before it dies out

Sorry if my words sound negative.
If someone discovers that the water supply has gotten tainted, is it
negative to talk about?
I appreciate this "lion's roar" coming from you.

I pledged my life to voluntary simplicity and communalism as my cohort
from the bus in '68 and '69 became careerist yuppies ... and wealthy.
Now I'm broke and alone.

But I need to know if it's just me. And if that's the case, I definitely took to much!
huh huh ... sensitivity means doing reality testing rather than
conquering / convincing others.
It often enough becomes a reasonable question to wonder if we've lost
our sanity.

Please help me with some answer's
You cannot know what a blessing it was to receive your letter.

Loving you family
clan and family

XxxxxYyyyy Bear.
WillowBear aka Karma Chopal aka ben