Re: Advice wanted ...

I don't know, but they have the 'net site. I used to buy frequently from
the company that fry's bought; was it called Outback? I forget. I'm
looking at this one now:
Whadaya think?

"woodstock" <thirdwavevisions@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Connie wrote:
We got a great pair of speakers, now need an amp. We'd like a combo
amp/tuner. It would also be nice if it had a CD changer. Any tips? We
haven't really looked at these types electronics in like 30 yrs, and it's
really confusing out there. The speakers are good, so it doesn't seem
we'd need a powerful amp/tuner piece.

Do they have a Fry's electronics in Tucson? I forget.... -w-