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i'm not saying my plan doesn't need a little polish but there it is.
if everybelly gave their CO the slip and the lines in the sand were


over....who knows


I like the idea of eradicating borders.

i got the idea from the old "university w/o walls" program. the idea
that i was born in this world and am not allowed to go 90 miles to cuba
is ridiculous. like i need 7 tickets and to be so tall to go on the ride

fuck meeee


you can go to cuba, but if you come back to the u.s. after, you might
up back in cuba...guantanmo bay, cuba.

i don't know if i should laugh or cry.

Americans go to Cuba all the time, by going to a different country first.

of course, i could sail right in, it's the fact that i "could" get in
trouble with home boys and i don't mean just cuba that was but an example.
a person could get in trouble for staddleing the canadian border too. it's
the priciple that i can't just buy a ticket to the other side of the world
and step off the plane, jump in the water or say i think the prime minster
stinks if i wanna


Oh. Well yeah, there's *that*. Sometimes in real life, however, you gotta be
careful who you are telling that they stink. Sorta like you gotta be careful
around sting rays.