Re: Fun facts:

Razzbar wrote:
reignbough wrote:
Sanity wrote:
A 'nanny' goat (the poor person's cow) can give 1-2 gallons of milk a
day. Goat's milk doesn't separate with the cream floating to the top
like cow's milk does, and it is so nutritious one little nanny can
nurture two calfs. :^)

And it's tasty, too. Oops, that's an opinion, not a fact.

The taste depends on whether you graze the bucks with the does.

Um...Are you sure you don't mean rams and ewes?

Goats are cool critters. I don't think they
smell any worse than any number of farm animals.

I have to say they're a bit perverted. I had a billy goat that used to
rape my dog all the time. Well, I guess it wasn't exactly rape, 'cause
the dog didn't seem to mind. But it was still an unnatural act. I guess
it wouldn't be so disgusting if the dog had been female.