Re: So, any onsite news about this council ??

Tha Preacha Bill wrote:
Smoky Bar wrote:

Mete you in the firehouse JAIL!

Uhm, are you this stupid all the time ?? I am in Austin Texas.... why
would I be at a fire house or a jail ??

We came, we gathered, a few got tickets, most paid the $40 and went back and gathered. The camp was pretty healthy, very happy, and generally focused on the purpose of gathering to pray for peace. The gathering dispersed quickly and smoothly. Business proprietors in Steamboat are happy clams, with the rodeo and the rainbows making up for the losses due to several arts festivals and the baloon show being rained out.

There were no detention camps.

There were no mass arrests.

There were no vigilante groups targeting hippies.

There was no national guard activation.

None of the stuff that came out of that troll's mouth came to pass.