Re: The "Rainbow" election....


You're a good man, Brother Boomer. I'm glad you are there for her.

John wrote:

Thank you for paying attention.

It brings tears to my eyes and
puts a knot in my stomach, when
i think about that little girl.

I talked to her on the phone yesterday
(speaker phone) and she said
"I love you and I miss you Uncle Jack"
"don't come and visit me though, I look like a monster"
"When I get my new Barbie Nose, you can come
and visit me, OK"

Such strength, and clearity.

I love her so much.

OK, so I'm going to go help
my grandma with her bills, before I go
to work....BTW, WORK WAS FUN.

I really enjoyed being with people.
I liked my bosses, I like the deli
I like the customers, I like the view out
of the front window, I miss my Family.

Thank you for
helping me see

I am
Your Brother

Thunder wrote:
"John" <bhumi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Started my Deli Job today.

My Neice has had phase one of
reconstructive surgery.
Phase two, they will rebuild her nose
with cartilidge from her ear, in two months.
Pray for her, Allysa Redman. Thanks

Bad dog attacked 7 year old girl,
ate her cheeks and nose right off.

i couldn't leave, and they need money
so I got a job instead of going to gathering.

I am
Your Brother

Nice thing you're doing...