Re: I need for Dia to call home now, or Robert, or Alan, or Eyin

mamaprotector@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Thunder, I sure hope that you aren't talking to me. I never said
anything like that. Someone else, who had taken all that she could,
said that.

Actually, after search this forum for those exact words the only one I
saw using them is Da Boobie claiming that Dia posted them.... yet when
I did a search for where she wrote them it came back with no
results.... this seems to me like more of Da Boobies lies.

I think the vote is about EVERYBODY to ZERO, the past
remain where it is, and the soap has been cancelled forever.

Well, it is a good thing that Dia had people around her to protect her.

I sincerely hope that no harm comes to you or your loved ones. Every
useless act of cruelty diminishes all of us.

Well, I sincerely hope that Dia did not cry wolf this summer.... might
not look good for her should this bozo ever decide to do something in
the future.


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