Re: I need for Dia to call home now, or Robert, or Alan, or Eyin

<mamaprotector@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thunder, I sure hope that you aren't talking to me. I
never said
anything like that.

No, I wasn't talking about anything you said.

Someone else, who had taken all that she could,
said that. I think the vote is about EVERYBODY to ZERO,
the past
remain where it is, and the soap has been cancelled

I sincerely hope that no harm comes to you or your loved
ones. Every
useless act of cruelty diminishes all of us.

Ain't it the truth? Thanks for your kind words. I was just
putting two and two together, the way I see things. There's
more to that than meets the eye as well, as I'm sure some
can see. I'll refrain from elucidating at this time.


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