Re: I need for Dia to call home now, or Robert, or Alan, or Eyin

Thunder, I sure hope that you aren't talking to me. I never said
anything like that. Someone else, who had taken all that she could,
said that. I think the vote is about EVERYBODY to ZERO, the past
remain where it is, and the soap has been cancelled forever.

I sincerely hope that no harm comes to you or your loved ones. Every
useless act of cruelty diminishes all of us.

Thunder wrote:
<The_Psychedelic_Tourist@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm not insulting you. just giving you a piece of hard won
Everything is innerconnected in this life. Everything has
it's causes
and conditions. Maya means "web". and describes the
innerconnection of
every action you perform. If you think the tragedy of the
death of your
pets was an isolated incident, then you'll miss out on the
Keep in mind that i've loved your dogs as well, and i'm
sad that they
are no longer in your life. but karma works in ways that
although you
may not understand, still produces results.
You've caused others to cry - gleefully, and nowit is
your time to
Unlike you, i'm not gleeful at your tragedy.
Could you say the same if something tragic happened to


I recall something like, "...throw yourself under the train
as it comes speeding along..."

Harsh, but sad and true reality sometimes bites (back)

and death wishes do not produce happy or expected results