Re: catch me up, will you?

and i thought april was the cruelest month!
mwa mwa mwa mwa (those are kisses for saying such an artful thing. i
tell i and i 'tiz mother's milk to me.) the love of my life, a teacher
of poetry and comp, an actor of shakespeare, a loving wit, an all
beautiful soul died three aprils now gone. but then shakespeare was
born in april. died in april, too. so. big sigh, dab the eyes, push

you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa those are kisses for coming
home and rescuing me from having to be without you any more!

so i invite you to the url above. ket me know just how very much you
love the songs, please

isn't it just beyond all reckoning what transmogrification is wraught
upon our kinder?

you are ill? this is what concerns me most. <R>

thank you, carla

september's pretty bad, too..