Re: Love and the Rainbow

Hey bodes,
I asked you to marry me first!!!

Listen folks, I love this man and I can't imagine anywhere I would
rather spend the rest of my life than by his side. I have found the
man for me, yes, I sure have!!!
I wish you could all know what a beautiful and amazing experience this
is to love and be loved so very well. If you ever even get a fraction
of an inkling of what it is to be so madly, crazy in love like this,
wow, you will have had a good life!
I never even knew I was waiting for my life to be complete, yet, now, I
realize how much I was missing before I met my perfect partner. I am
in LOVE! Love, I tell you, Love!!!
Ah blessed be.
You are all invited to attend our wedding, and please do.
So far, we are hoping for it to be held at Instant Soup, where we first
fell in love. We are thinking dark 30, after the AGR meeting.
We need musicians, jugglers, acrobats, poets, clowns, artists, and
excellent cooks! We are still looking for an amazing recipe for a dark
chocolate vegan wedding cake to prepare in an earthen oven. (Instant
Soup is an all vegan kitchen)
We Love You!