Re: West Coast Fall Regional Gathering - Oct. 21-29, 2005

so if you don't care what said if its the truth when are you going to speak
it? lol spiritrising

<rainbowcrystalkitchen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Carla wrote:
>> Landing Light wrote:
>> > This post would be to aanswer Carla's questions, but Gary has them
>> > answered in a previous post.
>> >
>> > Thank you, Carla, with love........
>> And Gary answered them very well, I thought.
>> So it is clear there are process problems. The long-standing feud
>> between Greg and Gary is just one of them, apparently.
> I wanted to let this "feud" drop.....but try as I might ....the other
> party just donest care to play nice
>> A couple of things I would like to point out:
>> I thought Greg moved to the midwest somewhere--what's he doing mucking
>> around in a California regional issue?
> exactely.....but hes been involved with the lookingheart conspericy
> so who knows now what his intentions are now
>> SR lives in the midwest, also. Has no business mucking around in
>> California regional issues.
> yup....but again another lookingheart lacky whos been working to
> distroy the family ....
>> Wing's reputation is impeccable (that means he's trusted by everyone who
>> knows him). I would like to find out more about how he comes to be the
>> moderator of a regional newsgroup; and if he has, indeed, excluded Gary,
>> what was the basis of that decision.
> I suspect its based on dwights private emails ... in which dwight
> called for shunning me on wings "focaliser council egroup
>> And finally, to Gary--you know I love you and support many of the things
>> you do. I'm really sorry you are being treated as you are.
>> The one thing you might consider is whether your habit of verbal abuse
>> and filthy name calling is one of the things that alienates other people
>> who might otherwise support you; and especially whether that is a
>> possible reason you might be "moderated out" of newsgroups that have
>> gatekeepers. There might be what's called "natural consequences" to your
>> choosing to continue to use the language that you do.
> if you do the research youd find I didnt call anyone "filthy
> mnames"..... after mullins posted on that egroup...I poiinted out he
> weasnt worth listening too.... since he posts such vile anti rainbow
> postes on agr.... and sugested to all who were on that egroup ...that
> they do their own research and go to agr and rewad his posts in his
> own words .......and that suggesttion got me thrown off the
> group.....Ive never met wing....not once in 20 years ... so I dont
> klnow him personally..... but if he approves of "shunning ...or banning
> free speech... then Idoubt if Id care to knowhim.... but if you
> do...then write him yourself ...and ask him top send you copies of
> that thread ..... and tell me if Iwas filthy....or even
> inflamitory....all I posted was the truth... that the man makeds posts
> on agr that were hatefull to the gathering and the family ...and
> advised family to go to agr.... look up the archives and deside for
> themselves ....this got me banned ....
>> Mind you, I'm not saying it is right for folks to exclude you from any
>> rainbow circle for any reason, nor that I think that what is being done
>> by the "focalizers" of this event is right. Just saying you lose
>> considerable credibility with many folks because of it.
>> Don't be mad because I'm saying this to you, darlin'. I do it out of
>> love. I would really like to see you get the appreciation and
>> acknowledgement you deserve for your many years of service and devotion.
> I neverr asked for apprecaition.... or praise...or adamn thing.....
> Idont give ashit whats said as long as its the truth
>> I just wish you would understand that sometimes it is you yourself who
>> stand in the way of people's ability to recognize you for who you really
>> are--which is a beautiful brother with a good heart who loves his family
>> above all else.
> thanks


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