Re: West Coast Fall Regional Gathering - Oct. 21-29, 2005

Landing Light wrote:

> This post would be to aanswer Carla's questions, but Gary has them
> answered in a previous post.
> Thank you, Carla, with love........

And Gary answered them very well, I thought.

So it is clear there are process problems. The long-standing feud
between Greg and Gary is just one of them, apparently.

A couple of things I would like to point out:

I thought Greg moved to the midwest somewhere--what's he doing mucking
around in a California regional issue?

SR lives in the midwest, also. Has no business mucking around in
California regional issues.

Wing's reputation is impeccable (that means he's trusted by everyone who
knows him). I would like to find out more about how he comes to be the
moderator of a regional newsgroup; and if he has, indeed, excluded Gary,
what was the basis of that decision.

And finally, to Gary--you know I love you and support many of the things
you do. I'm really sorry you are being treated as you are.

The one thing you might consider is whether your habit of verbal abuse
and filthy name calling is one of the things that alienates other people
who might otherwise support you; and especially whether that is a
possible reason you might be "moderated out" of newsgroups that have
gatekeepers. There might be what's called "natural consequences" to your
choosing to continue to use the language that you do.

Mind you, I'm not saying it is right for folks to exclude you from any
rainbow circle for any reason, nor that I think that what is being done
by the "focalizers" of this event is right. Just saying you lose
considerable credibility with many folks because of it.

Don't be mad because I'm saying this to you, darlin'. I do it out of
love. I would really like to see you get the appreciation and
acknowledgement you deserve for your many years of service and devotion.
I just wish you would understand that sometimes it is you yourself who
stand in the way of people's ability to recognize you for who you really
are--which is a beautiful brother with a good heart who loves his family
above all else.


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