Re: Countdown to....

spiritrising wrote:

> hey sounds like a good thing looney, so maybe i should check it out! i too
> am allergic to smoke from weed! and cops ain't no problem, they are good
> enough to me!!!! and spelling??? well i can hardly read your post so if you
> could write it in english maybe then others could read it better to!
> thanks!

Here's the funny thing about what it wrote... in 2003 Garrick and Barry
called the police on the entire "family"... in 2004 Jeff called the
police on the entire "family"... and in 2005 they all called the police
on the entire "family"... but yet it overlooks that.

As for me cops ain't no problem... cops are only a problem for those
that break the law... if I break no laws then the big bad policeman
does not scare me... the only people that sign permits are scared of
the big bad policeman.

OTHER THAN THAT... please do check out the forum... I think you'll like
it... please feel free to let others know about it.