woodstock wrote:
> Dia wrote:
> > I am trying to get into your website, Woodstock...I got this really
> > cool orange front page where it loads very fast in a geometrical design
> > and then just sits there and says 100%. Am I at the right address?
> > See subject line...
> > Peace,
> > Dia
> Yes- That was the kind of feedback I was looking for- so far seems that
> faster computers with broadband work best- seems linux systems work
> even better as I've checked the site on other peoples computers. I want
> to know what kinda browser you use,what operating system, what kind of
> connection do you have (dial-up, dsl, cable, etc) and your system specs
> i.e. how much ram, your processor speed etc. Eventually I will need to
> make adjustments and may have mirror sites to accomodate the various
> set ups. I have found that if the loading page gets "stuck" if ya hit
> refresh it then loads. It is the right address. Here is the link to get
> on the list:
> I will be sending out a test newsletter the last day of september.
> Thanks Dia- I appreciate your comments. Have you ever checked Swan's
> site? Later. -woodstock-

Hey you can goto and the counter there can see all
the specs and load tmes and visit length and even IP addresses of all
your visitors... Check it out.