Re: where is the music?

mirandajoanhowe@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi, Connie! Thank you. Um, what software wise or musical composition
> wise? Do you have a music recorder/mixer? Whether or not you do you
> might like this little sweety, Audacity. I get there by retarded
> circuit, of course. I go to (a really excellent place to
> know about anyway) and click on misc. Then I scroll down several pages
> worth of download listings and find audacity which I then click on and
> download what's needed according to my computer's needs. Also download
> Lame and follow directions there, too. Lame handles Mp3 files (a form
> of music file.) Then download Rock n Roll highschool from my website
> at mirandajoanhowe and play! work harmonies.
> Whatever you like. The music is indistructable and you have infinite
> undo! Nice, huh! MOST important is have fun!!!!! <R>
> Connie wrote:
> > "mirandajoanhowe@xxxxxxxxx" <mirandaraven@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
> > news:1124669258.529877.3910@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > > I went down with pneumonia for a few days. I went down with big big
> > > computer crash for a few days. Last thing I remember here on feet on
> > > the ground cyberworld was that we [some] were going to do some music
> > > together. Where is it? The results I mean. Thanks! <R>
> > >
> >
> > I'm just waiting for direction.

You can also get Audacity from, and in my opinion the wav
files are a better way to play with music, it is an uncompressed file
and Audacity makes good quality wav files that can be played with, and
when you burn to CD it is compressed directly to CDA files. mp3 files
are a tight compression and and the quality suffers when converted to
mp3. I use Audacity to record from tape to burn to CD and the wav files
that audacity makes are great quality raw audio for mixing. mp3 is the
worst quality audio files. if you want to compress the files the new
wma files with Media Player 10 are way better than mp3 or Itunes files.
any time you compress an audio file it looses some quality but wma
files seem to be the best quality that I have found. of course these
files are Microsoft files and if you don't want to do the microsoft
thing then I don't know what to tell you. Apple is a corporation to,
and the guy that started Apple used to be Bill Gates partner and stole
the system for Mac from the microsoft company when he laft. Microsofts
files play one just about any Media Player but Apples files don't work
on must players. you can play wma files on Quiktime and Itunes but you
can't play Apples file on Media player, so who is trying, to screw who.

GraayWolf "The Unforgiven Troll Wannabe"