Re: music & geek question

I have a very happy update on Kwame. HE"S PLAYING GUITAR! Dig!
Someone gave him a quarter sized steel string accoustic. He plays it
all left handed. He hammers on a lot but also bars with his little
finger and strums and picks with his thumb and forefinger as his large
hand spans from key board to over the sound hole! I heard tale by
someone trustworthy that it was actually pretty good and getting better
by the hour! I think I must have been on the same wave length and just
knew it was time for my beautiful Kwame to play some git box some more!
I can see his solution is the very best of all. This is such happy
news. Thanks, family, for caring about your rainbow brother. <R>

mirandaraven@xxxxxxx wrote:
> My music wasn't always so thin instrumentally. Two years ago my
> leadguitar/bass man had a stroke. (Do look after your blood pressure,
> my loves.) It all but rendered his dominant right hand useless, along
> with his leg on that side. He tells me he'd rather have lost his legs
> than not be able to play guitar. But I think he can play music. He's
> taught himself to draw with the left as well as he could with the
> right. I think he should be able to play guitar music, lead and bass,
> with his left hand. I have a music keyboard but the quality is dubious
> if your expectation is rich guitar options. So is there some sort of
> computer software that sounds like guitar and base that could be played
> one handed? <R>


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